LED Wireless Display Unit


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Not all of us want to use our mobile phone app to manage our tank levels.

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• Home and Small Business use
• For Gas20 and Gas100 sensors

• No hitting, lifting or shaking
• Real time gas tank levels
• No mobile phone application needed

Not all of us want to use our mobile phone app to manage our tank levels. This unit connects to the Gas20, Gas100 and/ or the Water Lite units and provide on demand levels for both your LPG and Water tanks.

Ideally suited to those who don’t want to use a smart phone and prefer to periodically check the level of your tanks.

This unit can monitor two (2) units at a time. If you have more than two sensors, then an additional LED display will need to be purchased.

Never run out of gas again. This unit is ideally suited for those of us constantly on the go who may not have time to check up on the little things.

It removes the need to hit, lift and shake to figure out just how much is left in there. It’s also ideal for small businesses in the food sector that need to manage more than just what’s in their gas tanks. If you have many tanks no problem! Just ask us about our monthly payment plan options which may be better aligned to your business needs.

Now you can manage your usage in real time, see exactly how much is actually left in your tank and set alerts to warn you when the levels are low. You can even detect any potential leaks just by being aware of how the levels change when you’re not using gas. This can also help you save money on needlessly changing tanks that aren’t quite finished.

This comes with a free mobile app (Android and IOS) for your smartphone or tablet. It allows for Bluetooth connectivity to your device and visually lets you manage your usage. If you don’t want to use your mobile device that not a problem. You can use our LED Display unit that supports up to two sensor devices.

Also compatible with our WIFI Bridge, allowing remote reading of sensors using your mobile device. This unit comes with a battery already installed and is powered by a CR2032 battery that is available at most supermarkets and electrical stores.

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