About We!

 About We!

Words cannot begin to describe the shear thrill and delight we have had in bringing this dream into a reality for us. This dream began with the pain of running out of cooking gas and water (mid cook and bath tah boot!). We have been on the receiving end of gas shortages at the worst possible times (even with multiple tanks…for shame) and endured the adventure of “Tank Gas Hunting”. The places we have ended up have been far flung and sometimes scary!

We had enough of the hitting and shaking of cooking gas tanks to “guess” how much is left. My pet peeve is the trek we have to make to walk to a water tank and hit it and listen to the echo and guess how much is also left. Rain or sun, that was the only way to know. “There must be a solution to this” we said and after many many, many outages, we searched high and wide and found these solutions which worked the best for us. We believe wholeheartedly they can bring the same joy and stress relief to you as they have done for us.

 Our Partner

Our brands and products have been hand picked, researched, personally tested and used by others. We can say with confidence that they work!

We would like to thank Luis from MOPEKA for believing in us and helping us realize our dream. Thank you Luis and the MOPEKA team in making us their Authorized Reseller for the region.

Applications and Usage

Our range includes solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Whether you need it for your home, your food business or a residential property you may manage, dohstudyit, we got you covered.

From our research, people depend on their family, neighbors and others to do the checking or refilling for them. We believe that our solutions can be so beneficial to the peace of mind for those that find these physically activities challenging. It’s the least we can do for the ones we love.

Affordable pricing with many available options

We have so many options that are available to choose from! If you are mobile app friendly, then we have solutions for you for both water and cooking gas. If you prefer a manual solution then we have those for you too! If you need it for more than one tank we can facilitate that too. We can even monitor your usage for you for a monthly subscription fee with little or no upfront payments. This can be especially helpful if you want to either take care of loved ones that cannot help themselves or if you have a business or property with multiple locations or tenants! And if you have a unique solution that needs development, we can work with our partners to meet those needs too!

Dohstudy it!!! We have have the solutions that surprise!